Retention/Recruiting Seminars

- 2/20/2020


There will be two retention/recruiting seminars: Saturday, March 28, Willamette Post 293, 1626 Willamette Street, Eugene, OR at 0900 to 1600, the Auxiliary is providing lunch for a fee; and Sunday, March 29, Three Rivers Post 1324, 104 S Tumwater Dr., Oregon City, OR at 0900 to 1600, the Auxiliary is providing lunch for a fee.

 This training is aimed at providing us the tools to become successful in managing our retention lists of members that are "going out the back door" and recruiting new and reinstate members. It is strongly recommended that all Posts that are not 100% send one or two members to one of the training sessions.

Auxiliary members are welcome to participate in the training seminars.


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